Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scholarships to Help Out African American Mothers

Did you know that out of all the African American mothers that there are in the country, only thirty percent of them are actually still living with their husbands or are married. The number of single mothers has risen drastically and so has the need of these mothers to look for ways to support their child or children and give them a better life. Even though these women might wish to get themselves a college degree that will help them in their careers and to get them a better job, being a single mother always gets in the way.
There is always going to be the problem of arranging for daycare as well as the financial strains that are associated with this kind of expenditure; so even education at this stage in their lives is something that does not come easy for them. However, there is a lot of effort going in to arranging for scholarships for single working moms in every way possible, and especially for African American single mothers. This is an initiative that is being taken care of by the government as well as by various organizations that are dedicate towards working for women.
There are a few scholarships for single working moms that you could try contacting if you are an African American single mother, like the Sister Thea Bowman foundation. Four African American women each year are provided with a scholarship by this foundation. There is another place that you can contact if you are looking for scholarship and this is which is affiliated with several online universities and institutions that will help you gain a very beneficial education to help you out in your future career endeavors.
Besides these the government itself is also doing its best to help arrange for scholarships for single working moms and the best example of this is the latest 'Mom's return to school' which is a campaign that is an initiative by President Obama's government. Even the federal grants that are being given out are being made available to a wider range of women than they were before.
However, the problem still remains that there are some qualifications and criteria that you will have to fulfill if you wish to be eligible for any of these scholarships for single working moms. You cannot just be given the scholarship based on nothing, there are certainly criteria for selection.

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