Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Write an Autobiography

Writing an Autobiography is of immense importance when starting your career. This is just like your face in front of the employer. It is the only information that the employer has about you before the interview. If the autobiography is not written in a good way, then you may never reach the interview. To write the autobiography in a good way is very important in accordance with the job applying for. This will really impress the one who reads it first in order to get to the interview. Then, everything will be in your hands.
General Autobiography Writing Tips
- Your resume should neither be too short nor too long. One page is ideal. If the contents cannot be adjusted in one page then the maximum are two pages.
- The autobiography should give an orderly look, it means that in one glance it should be obvious that where the education, experience and skills are. There should not be a mess in the contents; the person who reviews your autobiography has many other also, so he will not have time nor patience to go through the messy contents.
- It is very essential that the information provided in the autobiography is relevant to the job position being applied for. There is absolutely no use of giving detailed information about everything that you have done if it is not relevant with the position you are applying for.
- You have to be honest about your qualification, experience and skills. Everything written in your Autobiography will be the main reason for you to be accepted or rejected. It will be very embarrassing for you and the employer if it is later discovered that your qualification and experience does not correspond with what you have written in your Autobiography.
- When starting to write about your Autobiography, it has to be done very carefully and enough time should be given to it. An Autobiography written in a good manner can open many doors. On the other hand, an Autobiography which is written carelessly will only be of harm for you. A good Autobiography is worth any minute devoted for it, so take sufficient time for doing this work.
Types of Autobiography Formats
Autobiography formats are mainly of two types - chronological type and Functional type. The chronological type focuses on the chronological order of your job experience. Everything in it is listed by dates. This is the most commonly used. The functional type stresses on your skills rather focusing on the chronology of your experience.
Sections of an Autobiography
An Autobiography has several obligatory sections. The heading is the place where your name, address, e-mail and telephone number is to be written, other information like your websites and your coordinates can also be mentioned. Job Objective statement is a very important part. The specific job which you are applying for has to be written as there might be more than one vacancies at the moment.
Skills section is also very important. This section maybe is of greatest interest to the employer. You have to make sure that all your skills relevant to the vacancy you are applying for are listed. It is also very important that this information should be current.
The education section mentions information about what you have studied, what courses you have done and the type of licenses you have, if any. You have to again give all the information which is relevant to the position applied for.
Next section is the Job experience section. Most of the companies look for experienced employees, this section could be very helpful if you have the relevant experience relating to the job. You have to write here at least three of your latest jobs. Don't forget to write the year and the month along with the job title. It is very essential to write about your job responsibilities for each and every one of the jobs mentioned.
Before sending your autobiography
If you have already written your autobiography, proof read it, check the grammar as bad grammar errors will give a very bad impression to the reader. You have to make sure that it looks good and that it is correctly printed on a fine quality paper. Remember that you can always refer to Autobiography samples which are available online. Before sending your Autobiography, take your time and thoroughly read it, make sure that it is alright.

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