Thursday, October 11, 2012

Franklin Park Zoo

The Franklin Park in Boston, Massachusetts is a historical park and a significant landmark accredited as the crown jewel of Frederick Law Olmstead's works. He is known as the Father of American Landscape Architecture. This country park, serving as an oasis for the city people, was established in the late 19th century.
In the early 20th century a zoological park by the name Franklin Park Zoo was opened at the Franklin Park to offer a novel experience for the residents. Both Franklin Park Zoo and the Stone Zoo in Stoneham are operated under a firm called the Zoo New England. It is a private non-profit firm committed to conserving endangered animals while providing unparalleled educational resources for the same discipline.
An encounter with hundreds of wild animals exhibited in an area that spans for over 70 acres is indeed a unique experience not to be missed. Best of all these animals represent different parts of the world and are exhibited in simulated habitats. The zoo hosts various educational programs for all age groups from kids to adults. And it also offers camping facilities for children where they can experience and explore the nature's mysteries and wonders first hand.
The Tropical Forest at the Franklin Zoo is where you can get the vibes of a true rainforest, surrounded by diverse plants and animals. When you step into the Kalhari Kingdom brace yourself to meet the formidable African lion with its majestic mane, face to face. If you are a cat lover who adores their big cousins the tigers, you would be delighted to meet the zoo's resident tigers at the Tiger Tales.
Franklin Zoo's key magnet is its indoor gorilla exhibit where you can get to know one of the most intimate gorilla families in the world. The zoo has about seven of them with adorable names. Two of them prefer playing and splashing in the water, which is not a usual trait found among the wild gorillas. Some of them prefer eating sweet fruits like cantaloupe, zucchini and even corn right off the cobs. You can learn so much about this friendly gorilla family while keenly observing their expressions, gestures and various behavioural patterns.
Franklin Park Zoo is a great place for picnics as it has outdoor tables all set for you to sit and enjoy your food. You can also buy various refreshments including sandwiches, salads, pizzas, hamburgers and hotdogs at its Giddy-Up Grill and Kalhari Kitchen. And to cherish this memorable trip to the zoo there is a fine gift shop selling a host of items including apparel, plush toys and games.
Spend your Boston holiday at a luxury hotel in Boston and enjoy a day out with your family at the Franklin Park Zoo, the little oasis in the midst of a bustling city. You can try one of the finest downtown Boston hotels, such as The Langham Boston near the charming garden of the Post Office Square. While enjoying their sumptuous amenities you can get quick access to Boston's best shopping centres and restaurants from here. Best of all some of the popular tourist hotspots are sited around the hotel including the New England Aquarium and the Boston Harbour waterfront.

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